Brighton Mutongwizo

BRIGHTON MUTONGWIZO Brighton Mutongwizo was born March 25, 1975 in a family of eight.  He has two older brothers and five sisters.  He completed his secondary education at Ushewokunze, in Seke in 1991.  In 1990 Brighton started carving under the guidance of his elder brother, Kennedy Musekiwa.  As an apprentice under his brother, he cleaned and polished Kennedy’s finished works.  During this training period, Brighton began carving his own small pieces in the very hard Sprignstone.  Today, Brighton specializes in sculpturing very large pieces in Springstone.  He usually leaves a portion of the stone in its natural state to emphasize the beginning of the finished piece.  Brighton is married to Linah with a daughter named Brenda.  He worked under the guidance of his two brothers until 1995 when he established his own workshop.  He is very keen on training young and upcoming Shona artist.  His works has been exhibited in Belgium, Mozambique, Holland, Japan and extensively in the USA. 
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