Gedion Umera

Gideon Umera was born July 30, 1964 in Mutare, he is the first born in a family of three boy and two girls.  Being the first born, Gideon was faced with the challenge of helping to fund the schooling of two of his brothers and one sister.  He did his primary education at Elin Mission in Penhalonga.  He went on to do his education at Mutare and Seke the two high schools in Chitungwiza.  He finished his secondary education in1985.  He then he worked as a primary school teacher for six years. Gideon like elephants.  He sought information about the way of life of the elephant and found it to be quite fascinating.  As he continued to sculpture on weekends and school holidays; he realized that he was earning more money sculpting than teaching.  Gideon left temporary teaching in 1992 for full-time sculpting. Gideon started working with the Nyamayaro brothers in 1993.  He was taught how to carve heads and figures during the period from 1994-2001.  He currently sculpts animals.
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