Kennedy Musekiwa

KENNEDY MUSEKIWA Kennedy Musekiwa was born on May 29, 1962 in the Marondera region of Zimbabwe.  He is married and has four children.   He was first inspired by his cousin, Victor Mutongwizo, and in 1985 began to work under his guidance.  However, Joseph Ndandarika, first generation sculptor and a world-renowned master sculptor had the most influence on his sculpturing career. At first, Kennedy worked only on a small scale but as the years went by, he dedicated himself on a full time basis to sculpting, working on exquisite small pieces on which he built himself a reputation. He expanded his creativity and began to carve large pieces, including life-size types.  When carving figures, Kennedy relies on his imagination and he usually creates traditional spirit themes. In some instances, he eloquently follows the natural shape of a raw rock from which he then draws the form. His works have been extensively exhibited in Europe, South Africa, Botswana, Canada and in particular the USA.
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