Queenie Sango

Queenie is the sister of the famous Brighton Sango. She was born November 6, 1965 in Guruve. She is of the Soko (monkey) wafawanaka totem. She did her primary schooling at Nyahunzvi School and her Secondary education at Chifamba Secondary School. She was born in a family of 9 children, Queenie is the second born, and the only girl in the family. She is divorced with one child.  She was taught how to sculpt by Brighton Sango.  Queenie started sculpting in 1994, at the family home in Mudindo village, in Guruve. Like most sculptors, she started-off by providing assistance to her elder brother. Her first tasks were to give the finished sculptures a fine polishing. Due to her intense interest for sculpting, it did not take her long for to start sculpting her own pieces. She started sculpting creations (mostly faces), then birds, flowers and then many others. Queenie was the first woman to sculpt in her community. She faced some discouraging remarks.  Now there are six women sculptors.
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