Thomas Zinyeka

Thomas Zinyeka was born in 1972 in Masvingo Province. Thomas and his parents later relocated to Gokwe North District of Zimbabwe. Being the sixth child in a family of eight, Thomas completed his primary education in the Nembudziya rural area of Gokwe (1980-1986). Upon moving to Harare in 1987, he fell in love with Shona stone sculpture through his brother Gladman Zinyeka (now late). St. Mary’s Mission in Chitungwiza for his secondary education in 1987, but due to his insatiable appetite for sculpting, attendance at school fell short, he decided to devote himself full-time to sculpting. He adores expressing his feelings from deep down in his heart on stones of varying hardness such as springstone, fruit serpentine, cobalt, dolomite and opal too mention a few. His works have been exhibited in countries like Belgium, USA, UK, Frances and Germany. Thomas’ major achievement 1995 – Heritage National Gallery Exhibition 1996 – Group Exhibition, Cafmeyer Gallery, Belgium
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