Buckley's African Imports is a minority family owned business that started in 1998 as a wholesale distributor in  Washington State.    Our objective was to introduce unique original  Southern African art  into the marketplace.

Our team travelled to Zimbabwe and South Africa to buy directly from the artist.  We sought unique one-of-a-kind original sculptured pieces.  The art form is called Shona Stone  Sculptures.  All the pieces are hand carved from indigenous  stones using a pix axe, fire, water, sandpaper and plant wax.  Usually the stone selected for carvings  are medium to hard which offers great resistance for the carver.

Initially, we marketed our Shona pieces at trade shows, private events, art galleries, and the Costco Stores located in Washington and Oregon.  Although, our marketing strategy  shifted to include primarily  online e-commerce,  we  continue to strive to import the highest quality pieces  with excellent customer service.

Please phone 206-387-2496 or email:  [email protected]om for any questions or comments.